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Definition: Asbestos

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A highly heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that can be woven into fabrics, and is used in brake linings and in fire-resistant and insulating materials.


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Asbestos is a term used to refer to six naturally occurring silicate minerals. All are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals, each fibre is composed of many microscopic ‘fibrils’ that can be released into the atmosphere by abrasion and other processes.

A mineral that is mined and is then crushed into fibrous material that has excellent heat and cold resistance. It was used extensively for heat insulation and protection. In industry generally, it is common in 3 forms namely blue asbestos (crocidolite), white asbestos (chrysotile) and brown asbestos (amosite). Asbestos is a dangerous material and can cause many different disabling lung diseases including a deadly form of cancer called mesothelioma. There is no safe level of exposure.


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