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Quick Summary of Annulment

A court procedure that dissolves a marriage and treats it as if it never happened. Annulments are rare since the advent of no-fault divorce but may be obtained in most states for one of the following reasons: misrepresentation, concealment (for example, of an addiction or criminal record), misunderstanding and refusal to consummate the marriage.

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What is the dictionary definition of Annulment?

Dictionary Definition

  1. An act or instance of annulling.
  2. A state of having been annulled.
  3. An invalidation of something, especially a legal contract
  4. A legal (notably judicial) declaration that a marriage is invalid; the procedure leading to it.
  5. Total destruction.

Full Definition of Annulment

If a marriage is though to be void (see: Void Marriage), either partner can apply to the High court for a ‘declaration of nullity’, indicating that the marriage effectively never took place. If a marriage is voidable, but not void (see: Voidable marriage), either party can apply to a competent court for an annulment. Annulment is technically different from divorce (see: Divorce) because it rests on the state present at the time of marriage, not events that happened after marriage. In practice, however, the effect of an annulment is much the same as divorce.

Annulment FAQ's

What Is An Annulment?

This is a method of cancelling out a marriage. It is possible to make a marriage null and void by this process.  Annulment is different from divorce. A legitimate marriage can be cancelled by a divorce. The process of cancelling a marriage that is not considered legitimate under legal terms is known as an annulment. This is not a complex process like divorce. In order to get an annulment one should prove his eligibility for annulment. Legal evidences are needed to prove that the marriage happened was illegitimate or invalid. You will need the help of an annulment lawyer to support you in the process. There is a time period after the marriage within which the annulment request should be given, if the request is made after the expiry of the time period the couples can only pursue a divorce.

What Are The Benefits Of An Annulment?

Many people opt for an annulment rather than a divorce because they are faster than the process of divorce. Moreover, once the marriage is annulled there will be no trace on the records of the members involved.  In normal cases the waiting period for annulment is only 20 days but, if both the participants agree the period can waiver. Your marriage will be made null as if you have never married. If you appoint a good lawyer for your annulment to need you will be able to easily convince the court about your eligibility and get the process done.

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