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Admiralty Law

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Also, maritime law. That body of law relating to ships, shipping, marine commerce and navigation, transportation of persons or property by sea, etc.

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n. statutes, customs and treaties dealing with actions on navigable waters. It is synonymous with maritime law.

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Admiralty law (usually referred to as simply admiralty and also referred to as maritime law) is a distinct body of law that governs maritime questions and offenses. Under conventions of international law, the flag flown by a ship generally determines the source of law to be applied in admiralty cases, regardless of which court has personal jurisdiction over the parties.

Admiralty law was introduced into England by Eleanor of Aquitaine while she was acting as regent for her son King Richard the Lionhearted. She had earlier established admiralty law on the island of Oleron (where it was published as the Rolls of Oleron) in her own lands (but she is often referred to in admiralty law books as “Eleanor of Guyenne”), having learned about it in the eastern Mediterranean while on Crusade with her first husband, King Louis VII of France. In England’s special courts, admiralty courts handle all admiralty cases. These courts do not use the common law of England but are civil law courts based upon the Corpus Juris Civilis of Justinian.

In the United States, admiralty is under the jurisdiction of the federal courts. However, admiralty courts in the United States are courts of limited jurisdiction, so state courts have concurrent jurisdiction in admiralty when state law claims are at issue. Moreover, state courts may have jurisdiction in admiralty when the matters being adjudicated are local in nature.

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Maritime Law

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