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What is the dictionary definition of Adjudicate?

Dictionary Definition

to put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of

  1. To settle a legal case or other dispute.
  2. To act as a judge.

Full Definition of Adjudicate

To adjudicate means to hear and settle a case, conflict or dispute through a judicial procedure. The adjudication process is a legally-binding judgment, and the stipulations and demands of the judgment are legally upheld by a local or federal governing body. Adjudication generally is used to resolve disputes over money or non-violent violations.

Adjudication is generally used in the following types: disputes between private parties, such as individual citizens or corporations who possess a legal personality, disputes between public officials and private parties, and disputes between public bodies and public officials.

The adjudication process is generally quicker and less expensive than a civil trial, although it is generally thought to be less thorough than a jury trial. The adjudicator is not considered a mediator, although both parties in the adjudication process must comply with the terms of the settlement or punishments for the case, and all agreements are legally binding.

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