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to pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

What is the dictionary definition of Acquit?

Dictionary Definition

To set free, release or discharge as from an obligation, burden or accusation. To absolve one from an obligation or a liability; or to legally certify the innocence of one charged with a crime.

  1. Behave in a certain manner.
  2. Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges.

Full Definition of Acquit

To acquit someone means the court has decided the person is not guilty of the crime for which they have been accused and the court is “setting them free from the charge of the offence.” In other words, you have been found not guilty for the criminal indictment. An acquittal can be reached after both the prosecutor and defendant have presented their case at trial. An acquittal can be reached by a jury or a judge. Generally, if the defendant is acquitted by the jury the charges are not appealed. If a judge reaches an acquittal it may result in either a dismissal of the charges or a mistrial. Appeals can be made by the prosecution, however, if the jury convicts a defendant but the judge makes an acquittal.

If a person is acquitted for a crime they cannot be tried for the same crime a second time. A defendant’s acquittal will also stand if additional evidence is found at a later date. This law stands as a defence against unconstitutional government action.

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