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Definition: Abduction

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Abduction is the crime of leading away a person by force or by a wrongful means of persuasion. Abduction is similar to the crime of Kidnapping, without the necessary element of the taking of a person against their will across a state line boundary.

What is the dictionary definition of Abduction?

Dictionary Definition

  1. Leading away; a carrying away.
  2. physiology The act of abducing or abducting; a drawing apart; the movement which separates a limb or other part from the axis, or middle line, of the body.
  3. logic A syllogism or form of argument in which the major premise is evident, but the minor is only probable.

n. the criminal taking away of a person by persuasion (convincing someone-particularly a minor or a woman-he/she is better off leaving with the persuader), by fraud (telling the person he/she is needed, or that the mother or father wants him/her to come with the abductor), or by open force or violence. Originally abduction applied only to protect women and children as victims. Currently, in most US states, it can also apply to an adult male. In fact, in some states like New York abduction meant the unlawful taking or detention of any female for purposes of “marriage, concubinage or prostitution.” Kidnapping is more limited, requiring force, threat of force upon an adult or the taking of children.

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