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Definition: Abate


Quick Summary of Abate

(of something perceived as hostile, threatening, or negative) become less intense or widespread.

What is the dictionary definition of Abate?

Dictionary Definition

  1. To put an end to; to cause to cease.
  2. To become null and void.
  3. To nullify; make void.
  4. To humble; to lower in status; to bring someone down physically or mentally.
  5. To be humbled; to be brought down physically or mentally.
  6. To curtail; to deprive.
  7. To reduce in amount, size, or value.
  8. To decrease in size, value, or amount.
  9. To moderate; to lessen in force, intensity, to subside.
  10. To decrease in intensity or force; to subside.
  11. To deduct or omit.
  12. To bar or except.
  13. To cut away or hammer down, in such a way as to leave a figure in relief, as a sculpture, or in metalwork.
  14. To dull the edge or point of; to blunt.
  15. To destroy, or level to the ground.

Full Definition of Abate

To put an end to a problem, or to make void, such as a public or private nuisance. This may cover a dyke which directs water illegally onto a neighbour’s property, loud noise generated from a rock band or factory, or a construction that violates building and safety codes.

Examples of Abate in a sentence

Legacies are liable to be abated entirely or in proportion, upon a deficiency of assets.
To abate a writ
To abate a nuisance
We will abate this price from the total.
The writ has abated.
Order restrictions and prohibitions to abate an emergency situation.

Synonyms For Abate

die away
let up
slack off

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