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Definition: Abandon

What is the dictionary definition of Abandon?

Dictionary Definition

Cease to support or look after (someone); desert.

  1. transitive, obsolete To subdue; to take control of.
  2. transitive To give up control of, to surrender or to give oneself over, or to yield to one’s emotions.
  3. transitive To desist in doing, practising, following, holding, or adhering to; to turn away from; to permit to lapse; to renounce; to discontinue.


Full Definition of Abandon

To intentionally surrender one’s claim to, right to, or interest in; give up entirely. Used in situations where a tenant has left property in a residence and does not intend to return. The landlord can take over the abandoned residence but must store the property, providing notice to the tenant before selling the possessions that were left behind. Also can be used when support has not been provided to children for a year or more.


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