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100 Day Plan

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The 100-Day Plan is a road map of transitions that occur throughout a company’s post-sale period. They are the important days throughout the acquisition process when integration occurs.

A 100-Day Plan following the closing will benefit both strategic and private equity buyers significantly. The plan, which is produced together by the integration and development teams, addresses integration concerns that arise during the due diligence phase. Accounting difficulties are handled, such as when the acquirer performs both GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) quarterly reporting functions, whereas the acquired firm solely performs GAAP reporting. The acquirer should develop policies that reconcile and balance the reporting functions of the merged companies.

Another issue addressed during the first 100 days is human resource retention and integration. While cost savings in human resources are crucial, it is also critical for the acquirer to find and retain key talent to assist the integration. Finally, information technology must be analysed and addressed in order to determine which systems should be merged to boost productivity.

If the business continues to operate normally with customers and vendors during the 100-day post-sale period, this is an indication of the acquisition’s seamless integration success. The formulation and implementation of the 100 Day Plan establishes a road map for achieving anticipated synergies and increasing shareholder value.

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