A Few Tips To Follow Before Making Hospital Acquired Infection Claim

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A Few Tips To Follow Before Making Hospital Acquired Infection Claim

Hospital Acquired Infections
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Do you know someone who has suffered from a hospital-acquired infection in the UK?

If yes, he/she may have the eligibility to make claim. However, there are some solicitors operating in the UK, who can provide you with their professional claim advice. You can consult them to know whether you have a valid claim to make or not. The initial advice they provide is generally free of cost and so you can always decide whether or not to appoint the solicitor in the near future. Hospital infections can arise out of many reasons such as unclean and unhygienic atmosphere, medical staff and practitioners using unsterilized equipment so on and so forth. May whatever the reason be so; such negligence on the part of the medical professional is not acceptable at all.

You can only make a hospital infection compensation claim when it will cater to the below-mentioned domains:


It is one of the most important points that must be considered before bringing the claim to the court.

As per UK law, a normal claim must be made within the tenure of three years. The deadline of the tenure is considered from the day the victim has received the injury. However, if the victim is under the age of 18, such a legal rule is not applicable to them. As one can only claim on being an adult.

Establishing The Act Of Medical Negligence:

Only believing that you have a claim to make is not enough as you should have evidence to establish the negligence shown by the medical practitioner.

The clinical reports and the medical bills are some evidence that would be required during the court hearings.  The same would also be needed to calculate the amount of claim.

Whom To Blame?

When it comes to hospital-acquired infection, the medical staff and the cleaners are equally blamed. It is the cleaner’s duty to look after the cleanliness and hygiene of the hospital and if he has failed to do so, normally he must be blamed for the occurrence. However, it doesn’t happen actually. If a patient has received injury or health issues when staying inside the hospital, it is the healthcare center’s authority against which the claim is made. May whoever is at fault, if the clinical error act has taken place inside the hospital, the management is supposed to be blamed for.

Claimable Cases:

Often infections occur to the patients because of their negligence towards their health, which obviously cannot be claimed for. In order to make a claim, it is very important to realize whether you have even a percent of the share in the case. If yes, then your claim will be refused at the very first stage and the worst part is that you may also have to be answerable for bringing a false claim to the court. Thus, be sure whether you really deserve compensation or not.

It is recommended to take advice from an experienced personal injury solicitor, who can verify the case and determine the amount of compensation you deserve to receive.