7 Tips To Reconcile Your Small Business Dreams With Reality

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7 Tips To Reconcile Your Small Business Dreams With Reality

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Just like small business building, who own earth will not like to make his dream come true?

Unanimously we will say no one. And so, small businesses too will like to make its dream come through. But how can small business reconcile its dream with reality?

Here, we provide you with 7 tips.

Do not quickly dismiss what was said in the onset and say for small business to make its business building a reality is a wishful thinking. The truth is it is possible to be achieved.

Consider the tips bellow and conclude by yourself.

  1. Are you positioning yourself as a know-it-all or as a responsive partner and learner? Are you putting yourself on a pedestal? Reflect on the distinctions among honesty, reliability, and perfection. Meditate on the difference between apology and accountability. Muse on the difference between significance and integrity. Then you enjoy what you are labouring for.
  2. Smart from Australia once said “Things go wrong because stumbling blocks teach me things I need to know in order to serve and thrive. Hey, I’d rather learn without failing”. So, every time you look with humility and trust for your personal lesson, you are no doubt helping to create the possible dream. Sometimes the lesson is simply to let go of your idea of what should have happened. Lessons are not code for “There’s something that went wrong and beyond correction.
  3. It is not all the people needs what you have. A simple that sound anyway because, it is not possible to satisfy everyone. What you need is to have courage, integrity, and clarity to listen deeply to prospective clients and decline to work with those whom you are not ideally suited to serve. You can also ask questions from your clients like: Can you afford this? Do you have any reservations? What will it take for this to be a good investment for you? Actually, when you do this, the selling takes care of itself. That’s the premise behind Coach Kendall Summer Hawk’s tape series, What to Say When You Hate to Sell.
  4. Get always prepared to welcome opportunities and convert it to profit. I did not have Kendall’s tapes in mind when I wrote the item above, but they are a perfect fit. Make profit from what you sell.
  5. Sometimes, customers have bad days.  When they take it out on you remain calm. Control yourself from striking back at them. Although, this does not mean you keep accepting abuses. No. It certainly doesn’t mean you have to accept abuse. When you feel unfairly used, take a few deep breaths, notice what you wish were different, and remember the imperfection of humans. Maybe it’s time to do some boundary maintenance. Are you pretending that you need to please everyone or that everyone needs to like you in order for you to thrive? Look to yourself, not because you are to blame, but because you are the only one who says I can manage. What to note is customers are always right.
  6. Some things might happen weird sometimes and you find out too late that a new project was not quite ready for prime time.  At times like this you get to practice being available and responsive to customer needs while also taking care of yourself. The t know how to solve truth is, you may not yet know how to resolve the problem and you may resent the time you’re using to reassure clients instead of getting things on track. You can learn utter a statement like, “I don’t know and I do care and I will get back to you as soon as I can.” Practice saying it with dignity, conviction, and patience. Take some time to wonder what you would need to believe in order for the situation to get corrected and normal.
  7. Many entrepreneurs are natural soloists. So avoid owning a business. That doesn’t mean we don’t need or want support, though we may be the last to realize it. Spend some time wondering why other people might want you to thrive. Put your idea and imagination into running freely as you think deeply on what kinds of collaboration could work for you. Turn your complaints about networking into dreams of your ideal support system. What would your business look and feel like if you knew you did not have to have it all together because there was lots of help at hand? Using your mind on what matter most to the business could help.

To attain success, you need to know that the secrets to creating the possible dream are all related to accepting what is, which includes accepting the support that is everywhere around you and accepting your own desire to build a business that adds real value in the world and allows you to thrive. Some days it will be easier than others to believe that reality and your dream can co-exist. But if you persist with humility, passion, and trust, your dream will teach you how it wants to be made real. Building your small business is a dream that can come true.